Financial Advisory Services in Madrid

The loan or mortgage you need, just one click away

At IBP Financing we are expert real estate credit advisors in the sector. We have direct contact with the main financial entities in the country and we work to finance your dreams, whether it is the purchase of a home, the purchase of a vehicle or a reform.

Our financial advisory services are divided in two categories: personal loans and mortgages.

  • Loans: If you are looking for a loan to buy a car, to make a reform, or to buy that item you want so much, at IBP Financiación you will find allies to get the most beneficial credit.

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  • Fixed and variable mortgages: We know that buying a house is an important step in your life. That’s why we work hard to get your mortgage with the best conditions so that you only have to worry about starting your new life in the home of your dreams.

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Frequently asked questions about our services:

What services does a financial adviser offer?

IBP Financiación seeks to respond to your financial needs. As financial advisors, our role is to guide people so that they can achieve their goals and seek and always improve the financial health of their clients.

How can IBP Financiación help me finance?

We help you find the best financing option for the purchase of an habitual residence, investment housing or business projects.

Can you help me get a loan?

Of course! We help you get the loan with the most advantageous conditions for your case.

I already have a mortgage, but the conditions are not very good, can you help me improve them?

Yes. We improve your current mortgage loan conditions by requesting the change of entity.

Tu agencia financiera especializada en asesoría de crédito inmobiliario

En IBP Financiación somos asesores de crédito inmobiliario expertos en el sector. Tenemos contacto directo con las principales entidades financieras del país y trabajamos para financiar tus sueños, ya sea la compra de una vivienda, la compra de un vehículo o una reforma.

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