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At IBP Financiación we have the mortgage you need.

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If you need a mortgage or a loan, but you don’t know where to start to find the right one, you can contact us. At IBP Financiación will analyze the viability of your mortgage or loan and will advise you without further obligation.


We help you to get the loan you need with the best conditions to you can focus into what really matters.


We get the mortgage you need, either fixed or variable, with the best conditions and in the shortest possible time.

Mortgage appraisal

We take care of requesting reports and appraisal certificates corresponding to each mortgage loan with the most appropriate approved appraiser.

Servicios destacados

At IBP Financiación you find the best real estate credit advisors in the sector. We have direct contact with the main financial institutions in the country and we work to finance your dreams, whether it is the purchase of a home, the purchase of a vehicle or a reform.

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IBP Financiación: Your financial agency specialized in real estate credit counseling

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Working with us means having the peace of mind of knowing that you work with a financial agency registered as a real estate credit intermediary by the Bank of Spain.

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How we work

  1. We hold a first informative telephone or face-to-face interview.

  2. We fill out a form with all the necessary data to know your situation.

  3. We carry out your feasibility study in just 24 hours.

  4. We send you our financial proposal and arrange a meeting to explain it in more detail and solve all your possible doubts.

  5. Once the proposal is accepted, we request all the necessary documentation to send to the financial institutions and we wait for a response.

  6. Once received, we sign the documentation and that's it!
IBP Financiación
IBP Financiación
IBP Financiación

IBP Financiación
IBP Financiación
IBP Financiación
IBP Financiación